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Full series of well screens and sand control screens

Slotted liner in production by laser beamHebei Shengkai Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. has enjoyed a high reputation among water well screen professionals covering water and oil exploration. Well screen is a key element of sand-control systems, either as an integral component of the gravel pack or as a stand-alone provider of sand control like pre-packed screen.

Comprehensive design for effective water screens and well screens

Shengkai screen make a full investigation of formation particle size distribution to determine the precise of the well screen. Due to corrosion is another threatening factor of shortening the well screen's operational life, the material of the well screen should be selected.

Sand control screen is usually working in deep well, the mechanical properties is especially important. Hence, the materials used in well screens should have all the related parameters.

Sand control screens

For diverse purposes and applications, slotted liner, continuous slot like wedge wire screen and pipe-based wire wrapped screen, bridge slot screen and perforated casing are provided. All of them use state-of-art technologies to ensure optimum well completions.

Slotted liner is our star product among sand control screens for its outstanding performance over anti-plugging and excellent mechanical properties. Our company integrates advanced laser cutting process with CNC indexing system. This significantly improves precise slot size and production efficiency as well as significantly reduces the cost.

Wire wrapped screen features continuous slot and permits more water or oil to enter the screen. It can be subdivided into two styles: rod-based screen or wedge wire screen and pipe-based screen. Pre-packed screen is a stand-alone screen for it is previously equipped with packed gravel. Bridge slot screen has a unique construction – bridge slot. It is characterized by lightweight, lower possibility of clogging and low cost.

Hot Products

  • Slotted liners are designed in straight, staggered and gang slot pattern, and widely used in SAGD wells, stand-alone sand control applications.
  • Wire wrapped screen or V-wire screen features continuous and keystone slot for maximizing open area and reducing possibility of clogging.
  • Wedge wire screens are used in petroleum industry, ground water exploration and vessel internals. V-wire screen slot widths range from 0.05mm to 10mm.
  • Pipe-based wire wrapped screen features an additional perforated pipe as well as good performances of self-cleaning and anti-plugging.