About Us

Slotted liner workshop

Hebei Shengkai Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. has been engaged in well screen industry for 15 years. As a professional well screen supplier, our company has been always going on the way of developing and improving well screens to resolve diverse difficult problems.

Challenge or opportunity?

Drilling technology has changed a lot over the years. For example, the drilling depth is even deeper and the formation is more complex. So a lot of conventional well screens and opinions are in valid. Our company excels in developing premium well screens which is popular in the long run. To resolve the new problems, all of our design engineers, welders, technical personnel and sales representatives are gathering together to develop new well screens. These screens have been already on market and achieved high reputation.

Convert technologies into revenues

Hebei Shengkai Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. believes that technology constitutes a primary productive force. How to change advanced technologies into revenues is depending on all our staff's efforts and hard work. All employees have received regular training to keep their knowledge fresh and up-to-date. For example, slotted liner is a popular product in oil and water exploration fields. A great number of companies produce slotted liners, but they can't give you expected results for backward technologies. We've introduced laser cutting technology and CNC indexing system, which makes precise slot width possible.

Cooperate with Hebei Shengkai Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. and there will be a win-win for you and us.