Wire Wrapped Screen Reduce Costs but Improve Production

Wire wrapped screens are typically placed around gravel which separates the screen and the formation. They are widely used in oil field operations and water wells for lowest cost, keystone slots and high manufacturing efficiency.

Wire wrapped screen features continuous slot which maximize the flowing area. Owing to V-shaped screen wire, it is also called V-wire screen. V wire forms keystone slot which is effective in anti-plugging.

Wire wrapped screen are widely used in water well and oil well for its easy installation, quite affordable cost, maximum open area and low possibility of clogging.

V wire screen in flat or cylinder shapes

Wire wrapped screen, its slot width is increasing from surface to inner side

Pipe-based wire wrapped stainless steel screen in column shape

Pipe-based wire wrapped screen

Wire wrapped screen

Wire wrapped screen with keystone slot

There are two versions of wire wrapped screens - pipe-based wire wrapped screen and rod-based wire wrapped screen or wedge wire screen. Apart from outer screen, rod and end fitting, pipe-based screen also has an addition - base pipe.

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